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"A Forever Bond"

Daniel y Marco, a couple who shared a deep and loving bond, were looking for a special way to celebrate and document their relationship. Inspired by the idea of preserving unique memories, they decided to create a digital time capsule with Etternitty Life.

On a significant day for both of them, Daniel and Marco sat separately to record a personal video. In these videos, each of them expressed their most intimate thoughts about their relationship: the moments of happiness, the challenges they had overcome together, and their dreams for the future. These videos would be stored on Etternitty Life and would only be viewed by the other after 5 years.

They uploaded their recordings to Etternitty Life. They continued with their daily lives, enjoying each moment together, knowing that these special videos awaited in the future, as a testament to their love and commitment at that precise moment in their lives.

The story of Daniel and Marco captured the imagination of their social circle. Their act of love and foresight was seen as an innovative and emotional way to strengthen their relationship. In a secure space to store these memories, it became a symbol of their love.

Soon you will discover the life of Daniel and Marco.

Product of 5 Years of Etternitty Life:

Safe storage of personal memories for 5 years. Time capsule of sentimental videos to be revealed in the future. Easy management of insurance and wills. Psychological/holistic therapies. Access to content that promotes human development.

"Movement" Package