Cost: $30276.0
Discount: $15138.0
Total to pay: $15138.0

RED STAR is a product designed to preserve and share your memories and legacies. With RED STAR, you can keep your most precious memories and share them with your loved ones safely and accessibly for 5 years. This service includes:

  • 3 video of up to 10 minutes each one: Record a special message or share an important memory.
  • Unlimited guests: Allow any number of friends and family to access your content.
  • Will section: Leave your last wishes in an organized and secure manner.
  • My insurance section: Keep an accessible record of your insurance policies.

Additionally, you will gain exclusive access to our community, where you can connect with resources to enhance your life journey. This product is perfect for those who want to leave a meaningful legacy and ensure their memories are remembered and cherished by their loved ones.

  • Category : COMBOS
  • Slots : 3
  • Years : 5