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KAP stands for Kundalini Activation Process.


It is an experience of activating your own life force energy (kundalini) and the transmission of non-dual consciousness.


Life Force Energy is the essence of life; it possesses a natural intelligence that can heal the body, mind, and soul.


We are all born with this energy, and throughout life, this life force tends to become dormant or diminish due to unprocessed painful experiences, programming, limiting thoughts, and behaviors that condition us to live with suffering and develop mental, emotional, and physical pathologies.


KAP is a transformational journey that releases stagnant energy and emotions, such as traumas and limiting beliefs. It creates a deeper connection with our higher self, our authenticity, leading to inevitable spiritual growth and expansion into a better version of ourselves.


Attendees who have experienced KAP share that they have had profound revelations and realizations about their lives, successfully processing and integrating the past with greater awareness. As a result, they anchor themselves in the present with enhanced mental clarity and a sense of fulfillment and unity, akin to "coming back to life."


It is a very natural process that does not affect the system in any negative way. All you have to do is allow this intelligent energy to do exactly what your system needs at the moment.


It is called the path of surrender, and KAP invites and assists us in letting go of anything that is not aligned with our true essence. KAP does not depend on willpower but on our capacity for surrender and openness.


During a session, you lie down, music plays, and the facilitator initiates the transmission. You may experience emotional, physical, or energetic states, feel a tingling sensation or "energy" throughout the body, have visions, undergo astral journeys, experience deep emotional release such as crying, screaming, laughing, or involuntary physical movements, or perform yoga postures and mudras. This is what happens during the session, but what happens afterward is a story filled with magic. According to the universal law of correspondence, if you change your energy, you change your life. If you want to change your life, come and receive the magic of KAP!


KAP has transformed my life and continues to offer me illumination, liberation, and expansion. I have dedicated over 25 years to the personal and professional study and practice of healing the body, mind, and soul, and exploring the potential for life transformation through accessing our consciousness and innate potential.


The powerful intelligent energy of KAP has permeated my life and the lives of others, bringing about profound healing and expansion.


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