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"Psychotropic Breathwork" by: Ali Begun

In Colectivo Breath Work, we recognize the transformative power of breathing and extend an invitation for you to discover yourself as your own healer.

Psychotropic Breathwork blends various breathing techniques to explore and connect with dimensions of the mind, spirit, and body that are often inaccessible. In our sessions, we nurture a loving and creative environment where your breath becomes the essential compass. We enhance the experience with elements such as music (often live), guided meditations, an altar, and more. We commit to maintaining a safe and conducive space for your journey of self-discovery and healing. Each session is an invitation to explore the less-traveled corners of your being, guided by breath and supported by elements that elevate the experience.

There are two ways to approach these ceremonies, either in a group or individually; each has its own magic and purpose.


Group Ceremony:

In this context, the group ceremony is shared with family and close friends of the honored person. This experience creates a deep bond between love and the shared connection for those traversing grief. It not only helps explore the most sensitive parts of the soul but can also be an opportunity to reach unexplored levels of consciousness where death takes on new meanings. For some participants, this experience can become spiritual and transformative.

Personal Ceremony:

In the personal ceremony, the therapist provides a safe space where the participant can intimately connect with their spirituality, mental state, and emotions. These sessions are intense but incredibly transformative, as the participant holds the keys to open the door to a unique experience. Here, the focus is on the individual, allowing them to explore and process their loss in a unique and personalized way, guided by a therapist who holds space for this profound emotional and spiritual exploration.

By: @alibegun


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