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"A gift of love"

Elena, a young artist and tireless traveler, had always felt a deep gratitude towards her parents, Ana and José, who had supported her unconditionally at every stage of her life. With the desire to express her love and appreciation, Elena conceived a unique gift for her parents: a digital time capsule that would open after 10 years or on the day she was no longer there, with the intention of leaving a video telling them her story.

For a year, Elena captured special moments: videos of her travels with messages for her parents that reflected her experiences and learnings. She wanted her parents to see how their love and teachings had influenced her life, even when they were not with her.

With the help of Etternitty Life, Elena uploaded all these memories and creations to the 10-year information storage service. She scheduled these digital treasures to be delivered to Ana and José on a special date a decade later or when she was no longer there, understanding the fragility of life.

As the years passed, Elena continued to add to this digital collection, enriching the gift that her parents would one day discover. For Ana and José, this act of love became a source of anticipation and joy, a constant reminder of the deep bond they shared with their daughter.

Elena's initiative inspired many families. They began to see Etternitty Life as a beautiful and meaningful way to connect generations, preserve the family legacy, and celebrate relationships through time.

Product of 10 Years of Etternitty Life:

  • Secure storage of personal and family memories for 10 years.
  • Digital time capsule for special moments and messages.
  • Easy management of insurance and wills.
  • Psychological/holistic therapies.
  • Access to content that promotes human development.

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