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"The Language of Numbers" By: Aralhy Robles

"The Language of Numbers" 

The Universe conveys messages or signals to us through symbols that we know as numbers, and numerology is the study and analysis of this language that manifests itself through certain characteristics that help us remember the truth of who we are and why we are in this experience that, in some way, was previously chosen by us before birth. While it is true that no one can tell us how many years we will live, that is something we will discover with certainty at the precise moment when we must transcend. What we do have as a guarantee is the possibility of life itself, granting us the privilege to live it with all its nuances, facing the challenges or developments that present themselves at a given moment so that we can learn what we came to learn.

It is through our date of birth that we can rediscover who we are beyond what we have believed ourselves to be. I like to define it as a journey back to the genuine truth of the being we chose before being born, like becoming aware once we understand our inner voice, which, by way of intuition, propels us with an intention to acquire new knowledge. This knowledge invites us to reflect on what our life has been up to this point and to take responsibility with compassion and love for the path we can choose to take again.

From the analysis of the numbers that make up a numerology chart, we can open a door that leads us to the inner journey of looking at ourselves face to face and embracing our light and our shadow, valuing our successes, and forgiving what we call mistakes, which are nothing more than an opportunity to love ourselves unconditionally, representing the chance to learn and start the new cycle with humility and a clearer understanding. We can know why we are in this experience and, just as valuable, have a guide as a map and purpose, to strengthen ourselves during the process. With this knowledge, we will understand our gifts or virtues, what adds to the person's experience, what they are at their core, how they project themselves to others, what they have learned from past lives, what developments may occur in their life, which can also be nourished by all the other characteristics that accompany them.

Personally, I believe that comparing what we learn generates a cycle of abundance that goes back and forth without end. I acknowledge and can feel the messages in a deeper way in everyday life, through other people like you and me who always have something to teach us. This is what it means to give a sentimental value to our life, to discover and appreciate the pleasures and colors in each experience that make sense to us, to find in our personal nature the ability to manifest ourselves in harmony with our purpose. Understanding that purpose, rather than seeing it as the end, is the process, the journey, life itself, maintaining the capacity for wonder and persisting with the will to find more than enough reasons for our burden to become light. When it feels light, we can prepare the stage for what may possibly come next, more prepared, more compassionate, more loving.

It is an invitation to make the most of as many resources as possible in the journey called LIFE.


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