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Cabbalistic Angelology

Pulso Alquímico®️ is a space for well-being and consciousness activism that integrates ancient and avant-garde tools aimed at inspiring and motivating those who feel called to live an authentic life, aligned with their integrated Self (mind, emotions, soul, spirit, and body).


Therefore, I guide you to remember and tune into the angelic connections that support your life process.


Speaking of Angels is to address a point of intersection between various philosophical and religious schools. It is to discuss a thread that unites cultures and times, as their presence in the history of our humanity dates back to ancient texts from early civilizations.


One of the main tasks of angels is to ensure that our connection to the divine within and outside of us is reestablished, enabling us to live our human life with the awareness of what we are in the material world and beyond: harmonious and meaningful lives.


Each Angel guards a fragment of the will of the Consciousness of Creation (God, Creator, Divine Mind, however you name it) for us. Archangel Raphael embodies the will for integral well-being, Archangel Michael his will to infuse goodness into our paths and help us integrate our learnings. Each angel represents a quality that can accompany us as individuals.


What do we do in an Angelology session?


Through an issue triggering change in your life, we connect with the voice of your soul to understand what it needs support with at this moment to navigate through it. Alternatively, for a specific area of your life, we seek guidance so that through these divine wills, we can together untangle the knot that is preventing life from flowing with balance.



Lileyna Garcia







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