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"My footprint on Etternitty" Lu Ambriz


When Jorge shared his project with me and asked me to work on illustrating for Etternitty, it felt very authentic and exciting to me.


I loved the project because it's such a beautiful topic that we don't usually talk about, and when he shared some texts for me to create with total freedom, it sparked a lot of inspiration in me and made me connect deeply with the project.


My greatest inspiration, besides the texts shared by Jorge, was my surroundings, my loved ones who have passed away, and all those people who will connect with the App. I hope I have been able to achieve that beautiful reflection of death.


I recently lost my father, the father who raised me and saw me grow even though I wasn't his biological daughter, and I feel like this project prepared me in a certain way to learn to love something that gives life its whole meaning.


I would love to express everything that this project has brought to me. I can only say Thank you for being part of the inspiration and for opening us up to such an important topic. Inspiration is always within oneself, dying in different stages to be able to continue growing and being reborn in others.


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