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Happiness, a moment, not a goal.

Happiness Day. It's curious that there's a day for this, isn't it? In an era where expressing and sharing our lives has almost become a full-time occupation. With digital presence and social networks, it has become easy to display our happiness and judge it, immersed in a sea of information. This era invites us to compare ourselves, to be carried away by misinformation, and to succumb to the overexposure of ideals of how "happiness should be," forgetting that we are only seeing a part of reality.


Happiness means different things to everyone: for some, it is a place; for others, a person; or even a goal. However, objectively, happiness is defined by the presence of joy and satisfaction, as simple and complex as that. Life, rich in its diversity, is not limited to happy moments; it is also woven from setbacks, chaos, surprises, miracles, and, not least, monotony. It would be unfair to consider life only from the perspective of happiness, ignoring that other emotions are equally crucial to fully experiencing it.


Seeking happiness as the sole purpose would make us lose sight of the richness of the human experience, but living without it would be inconceivable. Happiness, though not always visible, is within reach for those who choose to see it in the everyday details, such as a coffee, the sea, the company of friends, a dessert, or simply sleeping. Sometimes, routine or adverse situations can cloud our ability to appreciate these moments, but activities like meditating, expressing gratitude, sharing, exploring, and feeling invite us to rediscover it. And if, despite everything, happiness seems elusive, it's vital to remember the importance of seeking support and professional guidance.


This article is an invitation to reflect, not intended to be an informative compendium. In a world where everything can be shared and become viral, it's crucial to remember that there is not just one way to live. Instead of following a non-existent manual, we encourage you to explore and discover your own path to happiness.


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