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Horse-Assisted Family Constellations

The path of horse-assisted family constellations has a special magic, thanks to the sensitivity of horses, which connects with the deepest part of the spirit, avoids human judgments, and presents the recipient with the precise information and healing, ensuring that the orders of love return to their true essence. But not only that, the process is also unfolded to work in priorities, allowing the subject to discover at his/her/they own pace the layers that have to be heal through the movements of the field.

Horses hug, contain, teach, even cry to heal with those who need it.

With horse-assisted constellations, loyalties are repaired, bonds are recognized, hierarchies are organized, healing is done...


The work is always done with horses in freedom, they are not forced into the field, the information is not influenced, we only accompany, guide and the horses and the subject do the healing work in a joint harmony that leads to the deepest places of the spirit, soul, ego, and vine.


Human-assisted Family constellations often have the risk that whoever participates is in a state of disbelief or skepticism, however, with horses there are no masks, there is no performance, everything is pure and true love.


Horse-assisted Family Constellations are based on the teachings of Bert Hellinger who began the work of family constellations, with the principles discovered and developed by Hellinger we achieve such profound and healing processes that I am not exaggerating when I say that horse-assisted constellations are revolutionizing the path of healing.


My path began forty years ago, with the first time I lived with a horse, during those years my state of presence has increased more and more and after studying, reading, feeling, meditating and working with more method for almost 10 years, I arrived to horse-assisted healing work. I have witnessed magic, love, healing, liberation and I have seen how people who dare to constellate with horses; advance in ways I had never imagined. 


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