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Charting the Path of Light: The Journey of the Hebrew Pendulum by: Nane Marconi


I'll introduce myself briefly. I'm known as Nane Marconi, a psychologist graduated from U.B.A (University of Buenos Aires). I studied my formal education in Argentina, as well as other disciplines related to spiritual development.


Through various circumstances, I've been drawn to different tools related to the subtle world, the energetic realm, along my journey.


I started studying Reiki simultaneously with my psychology studies. After graduating, I realized I would never be a conventional psychologist.


Since I began working as a therapist, I've integrated holistic approaches with psychology. I believe having these tools available facilitates processes, enables deeper discussions about what causes distress, allows for addressing and supporting patients/clients in different ways, helps to clear discordant energies and embrace more positive ones, contributes to raising vibrational frequency, and consequently, promotes better physical, emotional, and mental health, to name a few of its many benefits.


Today, I want to share a story related to my spiritual process and development. When we approach these energetic instruments, we become more attuned to our Being. This allowed me to discover that we are more than what we see; the physical body is the last and only one we can observe with our eyes, but in reality, we are energy and possess subtler bodies. The greatest challenge arises when these bodies are imbalanced or incoherent, especially the lower ones.


I remember waking up one day to a voice whispering in my ear, saying, "BUY A HEBREW PENDULUM." I was surprised by this message because, in reality, I had no idea what it was, what it was for, or how to use it. Nevertheless, that morning, I decided to go to the Kier publishing house bookstore, taking advantage of the fact that I also needed to exchange a book. I asked if they sold Hebrew pendulums and if they had any books on the subject. The first person who attended to me provided me with the only book on the Hebrew Pendulum available in the store. However, I wasn't willing to give up because, even though I bought it, when I held it in my hand, my BEING knew that it wasn't meant for me. Later, I approached another very attentive employee. She confirmed that there were no other sources on the subject, but something about her caught my attention and prompted me to ask if she knew of any professionals who taught it. She immediately wrote down the name of the person, which allowed me to find her through Facebook.


Today, I understand that that message, "buy yourself a pendulum," was the beginning of a great journey that would mark a before and after in my life.


Many synchronicities occurred because this person, who lived in Córdoba, another province of Argentina, was going to teach the course in person in Buenos Aires. So, without hesitation, I took the Hebrew Pendulum course with her. This is how I came across this beautiful method. I want to clarify that I studied a technique that is not the traditional Hebrew Pendulum but rather a systematized method with different treatments that do not require any interpretation or feedback from the therapist or ego. Instead, it is DIVINITY that detects what needs to be worked on and does everything. Both the pendulum and the therapist are instruments of Divinity. The Hebrew language is extremely powerful; it is a sacred language that contains cosmic forces subject to profound study. Each letter, word emits different energies that promote a change in resonance, frequency, tuning on any level. This technique allows for the detection of negative energy, and once it is found, it transmutes it, turning it into LIGHT.


Possessing this tool allowed me to work non-stop during 2020, a moment in history where everything stopped, and I didn't stop working with this beautiful instrument of LIGHT...

With it, I helped many people navigate that painful and uncomfortable moment of confinement brought about by the well-known Pandemic, balancing anxieties, frustrations, angers, sadness, etc.

After Hebrew Pendulum treatments, people experienced changes or encountered positive opportunities, from conceiving a desired child, winning the lottery, changing jobs after many years, being able to resign from places that no longer resonated with them, and much more.

Personally, the Hebrew Pendulum helped me to connect more with subtle energy, to have a strong connection with my dreams, to expand and activate prosperity, to connect deeply with my intuition, and to have out-of-body experiences (astral travels) that provided me with information about the future.


I liked the technique so much that I trained as a teacher, and today I can teach this method of Hebrew Pendulum Kabbalistic radiesthesia, both in person in Argentina, in the autonomous city of Buenos Aires, in the Villa Pueyrredón neighborhood, and online for other Spanish-speaking parts of the world.


The Hebrew Pendulum is an experience that we should all have in life if we are on a spiritual quest, if we wish to leave in wiser hands (the Divinity) what we cannot control and surrender to living the path of Well-being.


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